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Hi folks!

My name is Panos and I am an Electrical Engineer in profession with more than fifteen years of experience in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the internet. I am currently running two consulting firms (one being PBC, my personal business, and the other being Amperium Ltd., a Limited company I have with a business partner and good friend of mine) offering consulting services in the areas of ICT and business as well as Web design.

I have been following the internet's evolution from its early days until today (it is funny how life brings it sometimes. At a particular point in my life when I was doing my Master's in EE at Stanford, at the same time Yahoo left Stanford and became a company and Larry Page and Sergey Brin were developing Google at the Stanford CS department) and one of my interests has always been designing and developing Web sites and Portals.

What I am trying to do with makemyownsite.com, is to assist especially the rookies in web design who want to start their own website but are confused on how to do so and empower them with the right stuff in order to make their own site. I have tried doing so, by placing myself in the shoes of a confused newbie in web design and, as you will see, I have tried offering an end-to-end 6-step approach on web design with all the necessary tools across the chain of the 6 Steps.

makemyownsite.com is not intended to be a mere HTML or other technology's tutorial or reference guide. It provides end-to-end essential and invaluable information on how to start with the idea inception, proceed to design, implement, upload, track and monetize on your site, giving you a 360 complete view on making your own site. And all this by using simple language!

I hope that you will find makemyownsite.com useful and I urge you to with questions, ideas or other things you want to communicate.

Enjoy your stay at makemyownsite.com!

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