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What is needed to start making my site

Well... Here you are! You have an idea about making a website about something, but you are confused by the information which you are finding floating around here and there on how to do that. You are eager to start, but don't exactly know how.

I am certain that some of you may have heard about certain terms like website design, web hosting, domain name, search engine optimization, and others, but they just fail to "click" in your mind. Am I right?

In Step 1, you will learn what exactly you need to make your own website. Think of Step 1 as your necessary toolbox to move forward.

First, you are going to start off with the basics. There is no point in trying to learn something, if you do not have a clear understanding about the big picture. The big picture in your case, is the internet as a whole, some basic facts about computer networks and their communication, as well as what happens, "behind the scenes", when a website is being accessed and viewed.

After you understand the fundamentals, you are going to learn all those elements needed to start making your site. In other words you are going to learn the checklist of all elements needed to design, implement and run a website. Particular focus will be given to two critical elements, namely the domain name and the web hosting.

Before you start your learning experience, a small note on navigating this site is that has been designed to offer you an extremely friendly and easy to use interface. You can either choose to navigate you step-by-step to your learning path, through the navigation button which appears everytime on the bottom right corner of each page, or select the step of your choice from the top menu, by clicking on it. While you are at any page of a particular step, you have the additional option of navigating through that step via the left menu. Through that menu you can also move to the next and previous steps.

Are you ready to start your journey?