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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Your website, apart from a name, will definitely need a "home" to "live" in. In other words, you will need a web host. This "home" can be either offered by you, or by a third company, called web hosting providers which does this for a living.

If your website "home" is offered by you, your site will reside on a computer of yours, which will act as a web server and which must always be connected to the internet. But, since the computer is going to be always connected to the internet, it will be continuously exposed to all kinds of security threats as well as unpredictable traffic (i.e. requests from other computers to retrieve your website). This means that you better take care of all security issues as well as scalability issued and setup a web server properly, before taking the decision to run a web server on your own!

On the other had, if you use a web hosting provider, then you won't have to worry about all the infrastructure issues. These companies have a large number of computers which they have properly set up to be web servers connected to the internet, with all appropriate supporting infrastructure (such as proper amount of connection lines, backup power generators, security firewalls, routers, etc.) and they use them to offer you and many other customers the service of "hosting your site(s)". Their packages vary usually in terms of characteristics offered, such as disk space (for your files and folders), bandwidth (which will determine how fast your website will be displayed on a browser for a certain number of visitors), supported technologies (HTML, ASP, PHP, etc. - we will see more on web building technologies in Step 3 -), email addresses, number of domain names hosted, etc. and they usually offer you the ability to register domain names as well.

I would definitely go with the second option, get a web hosting provider and have some peace of mind.

A typical website usually needs 25-50Mbytes of disk space. Don't forget that the more pictures and videos you have on your website, the more disk space you will require. To give you a rough understanding of the cost, for a simple, html website, with average size, you can find web hosting services at around $5/month and they might be also including a free domain name in that price as well. I would also recommend against free website hosting providers, because in most cases they are unreliable, have a lousy customer support and usually won't sustain that business model for long, which means that pretty soon you will eventually start looking for another provider.

A reliable web hosting provider which I recommend getting is Brinkster. Just click on the banner below and check out the packages it offers. For your needs, I would propose you start of with their basic, Rookie package, which offers you 200GB of storage space (pleeenty!), 2,000 GB of web traffic (pleeenty!), 1 FREE domain name registration and 50 email accounts (with 1GB space each) and all that only for $4/month! Just click on the banner below!

Now, you have a "home" for your website and you also completed Step 1!

Are you ready to proceed to Step 2?

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