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How to design my site

By now, you have mastered the basics and you have everything you need in order to start creating your own web site.

You are now ready to proceed to what I like to call the "heart" of the creation of the site, which is its design process. As with everything, the design process is the most critical stage of the creation pipeline. If, after completing your site, it fails due to a design flaw, this might mean a lot of work for you because you will need to destroy and re-produce code. So you better think your site through before you start building it.

In this step, you will learn how to set the goals and mission for your site as well as identify your target audience, which will eventually set the site's direction. You will also learn how to think through your site's character and by "character" I mean basically two things. First, the content and second the graphics, color and look-and-feel in general.

After having set the strategic direction for your site (goals, mission and character), you will learn how to create the "architecture blueprints" for your site and how to decide its architecture and structure, just like an architect creates the blueprints for building a house.

Finally, step 2 will guide you through a very important subject in today's internet landscape which is also one of my favorites. You will learn about usability.

Are you ready to start Step 2?