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How to go live and track my site

Let's pause for a minute and go over what we have covered so far.

In Step 1 you learned the basics and the checklist of things you need in order to start making your website.

In Step 2 you learned how to effectively design your site, come up with your site's goals and mission, overall look-and-feel, design its structure and important aspects regarding its usability.

And in Step 3 you learned about how to use HTML, CSS as well as Javascript, in order to build your site and write effective content. You also learned about client- and server-side scripting and touched upon a few other web building technologies, as well as SEO.

Therefore, at this point, you have built all the web pages for your site and you are now ready to proceed in taking your site live on the internet, as well as tracking its progress, two things that are going to be covered during this step.

A very important aspect which is also going to be covered prior to these two tasks, is the testing of your site.