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The importance of traffic for my site

Without its visitors, hence its traffic, your site has no reason of existence! It is equivalent to a store's customers. If you do not have customers, then you might as well close down the store.

Unless you are building the site for Nike, under, which means that people will probably be directly entering the address in their browsers mainly due to the worldwide brand recognition that Nike has, then your site will need to collect its visitors through different sources.

It is also important that your traffic is ongoing rather than to be characterized by one-time spikes.

The CTTS approach

I will repeat my CTTS approach, which was covered during Writing Content and SEO section of Step 3.

Content  right arrow  Traffic  right arrow  Trust  right arrow  Sale

The content of your website will help you in producing the desired Traffic for your site, gaining the Trust from your visitors so that they will revisit your site and eventually lead to a Sale. The term "Sale" can be broader and refer to "selling" an idea, a product, a service and in general achieving your site goals and mission.

Therefore, more traffic means more "selling" and don't forget to always monitor your traffic performance as well as trends through what you have learned during during Track and Analyze section of Step 4.

Comparative traffic report for your site

You already know that Google Analytics offer you a way to be measuring your site's traffic and to compare it with previous periods in the past in order to evaluate its relative performance. You might though be wondering whether there is a way of comparing your site's traffic to the rest of your competition or even to the rest of the websites out there.

Google Analytics offers a "Benchmarking" functionality which measures yoru site's performance to other similar in size and content sites but you don't know which sites Analytics is using to perform the comparison.

To get an idea and an indication of the reach that your site has to the internet in general, as well as in respect to any site you want to compare it against, I would recommend you use Alexa's rankings. Alexa's report for for example is:

Alexa report

Which means that at that point ranked 2,010 worldwide. Your site (at least in the beginning) will not be within the first 100,000, therefore the graph will not include any data, but Alexa will give you a rank.

Are you ready to learn some tips and techniques on how to increase your site's traffic?

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