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How to make money with my site

OK! You have designed, built, went live and directed traffic to your site. What’s left? What’s left, is to find a few ways to earn some money from your website! What do you say?

This final Step will propose to you some ways through which your site and all the work you have done so far is going to lead to some monetization. It is going to essentially cover the last step ("S") of my CTTS approach which is the "S"elling part.

The first way which is going to be covered is the monetization through an advertisement model which is one of the most successful business models for the internet.

Another way covered will be to use your site in order to sell your products and services.

And a third one is to exploit synergies with other sites and make money through affiliate programs.

Finally, I am going to wrap up everything we have covered here at in the last Your Site is Ready! section.

Are you ready to start making some money with your site?